Air Djibouti on-track towards official launch
05-29-2015 | 13:32:00
Air Djibouti is on schedule with its plans to begin operations in late 2015. The new airline, established by the Government of Djibouti to support the development of the country as a regional hub for commercial and logistics services, has confirmed that it will commence cargo operations later this year and add passenger services in 2016.

Safaricom Receives Over 200 Applicants For Spark Fund
05-29-2015 | 13:06:51
Over 200 Kenyan start-ups have submitted enquiries and applications for the Safaricom Spark Venture Fund, with applications now going into the short-list phase.

In-App Flight Payments Made Easy with MasterPass
05-29-2015 | 12:58:43
Consumers booking flights through low cost airline Mango’s mobile apps can now make secure and convenient payments using MasterPass, MasterCard’sdigital wallet service.

HomeSend is Named Best Payment Product in Africa at the Asian Banker Middle East and Africa Awards 2015
05-29-2015 | 12:52:31
HomeSend, an international transfer hub created by MasterCard, eServGlobal and BICS, has been named “the Best Payment Product in Africa” at the Asian Banker Middle East and Africa Awards.

SAA bulks up in West Africa
05-29-2015 | 12:47:00
Africa’s leading airline South African Airways (SAA) has substantially increased its presence in West Africa with a range of initiatives designed to enhance connections to North America from Ghana and into South and West Africa.

[Africa CEO Forum] Are African Banks ready for the Future of Africa?
05-28-2015 | 18:24:00
On a regular basis we consult African CEO's about their views on business.

Dr. Stanley Ko: Scientific Development in Africa – my Opinion
05-28-2015 | 11:42:00
Although I have lived and worked in Africa for several years and have occasionally been called "an African", I am still learning about the massive Africa. I can only provide a brief "take" about what I perceive about the topic of scientific development in the continent.

Mpho Muvhango: Angry Customer + Social media = Bye-bye Business
05-28-2015 | 11:31:00
Many companies/organizations remain unaware of the impact that angry customers have on their reputation. The value of a happy customer is well understood but the influence and potential of an angry customer should never be underestimated.

[CEO Interview] Harriman Isa Oyofo, CEO, Mann Safety, Nigeria
05-28-2015 | 11:24:00
Harriman Isa Oyofo is Chairman/CEO of Health , Safety and Loss Control company, Mann Safety, Nigeria. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Rudolf Huber: Is the Nigerian fuel crisis the mother of energy opportunities?
05-28-2015 | 11:07:18
The news about the current Nigerian fuels crisis is already spreading beyond the realms of the Gulf of Guinea. It is said that this one is the worst since anyone can remember. This is truly not an enviable legacy for the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan.