[Ghana] Standard Chartered Bank sees growth
05-22-2015 | 13:59:32
Standard Chartered Bank has seen growth in total assets, interest income, loans and advances and profit before tax despite the challenging economic environment of 2014 that has continued in 2015.

Seychelles makes its mark at Indaba trade fair in South Africa
05-22-2015 | 13:53:00
The Seychelles Tourism Board has won the best stand award at Indaba, South Africa’s biggest trade fair held from May 9-11.

Cardiff Aviation Signs MoU To Manage National Carrier For Djibouti
05-22-2015 | 13:48:35
Cardiff Aviation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Air Djibouti to create and implement a national carrier for the East African nation of Djibouti.

UG receives $2.9 million USAID support to improve agric training
05-22-2015 | 13:37:00
The University of Ghana has signed a five year agreement with USAID-Ghana to improve higher education in agricultural research and innovation.

Nissan Gains More Foothold In Nigeria With 10% Market Share
05-22-2015 | 13:16:00
Nissan Motors says it has hit a 10 per cent market share mark in Nigeria, increasing the spread of its product range in the country from 4% last year.

Harriman Oyofo: Workplace Accidents and Profits – A toxic relationship
05-21-2015 | 12:54:00
It is important for the small business owner to take workplace accidents seriously because they can have a terminal effect on the business. Prevention should be the key and all accidents should be duly reported, recorded and investigated to prevent reoccurence.

[Interview] Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel, Senior HR Manager, TNS Global, Nigeria
05-21-2015 | 12:27:00
Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel is a Senior Human Resources Manager with TNS Global, and has bagged about 10 years of experience and practice. He also runs an educational organization via which he grants basic education scholarship to a few African children, plus hopes to grow the number of beneficiaries in time. His interview with ABC:

[Interview] Akin Oke, Senior Consultant, EasyData Resources, Nigeria
05-19-2015 | 12:00:00
Akin Oke is is a Management Consultant with Easy Data Resources Ltd., Nigeria and Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Leadership. He is an incurable optimist about the possibilities of Nigeria. His interview with ABC:

Interview with Harvey Oiku: Founder, Blue Gold Corporate Concept, Nigeria.
05-14-2015 | 13:45:00
Harvey Oiku is founder of manufacturing company Blue Gold Corporate Concept Ltd., Nigeria. Africa Business Communities speaks with him.

ABC interviews Adedotun Samuel Adesanya, Managing Director of Kaakaki Consultancy and
05-13-2015 | 13:49:00
Kaakaki Consultancy Limited is an ambitious and innovative company that is attempting to turn the business consulting business on its head