Ghana ready to set up Export and Import Bank
06-30-2015 | 17:24:03
President John Dramani Mahama on Monday stated that the establishment of a Ghana Export and Import Bank (EXIM) would move the country from import-dependent to a large-scale exporter.

Vodafone brings tablet-based teaching to refugees in Kenya
06-30-2015 | 14:31:54
The Vodafone Foundation and UNHCR announced that the first two Instant Classroom digital 'school in a box' units will be delivered to the Kakuma refugee settlement in Kenya.

[Ghana] Coca-Cola celebrates 100yrs of iconic contour bottle
06-30-2015 | 14:20:59
Beverage giant Coca-Cola Bottling Company has celebrated a century of its iconic bottle, the bottle which has been the unique selling point for the brand.

China Mobile, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel top mobile operations in the world
06-30-2015 | 14:17:14
New report has placed China Mobile as operator with largest wireless mobile connections in the world follow by Vodafone Group and Bharti Airtel.

Nigerian Stock Exchange remains stable, says NSE head
06-30-2015 | 14:06:58
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is stable and performing well, said Oscar Onyema, Chief Executive of the NSE.

Abraham Johan Meintjes: The Valuable Contribution of Christian Missions to Africa
06-30-2015 | 12:29:00
Much of the world’s history is either being denied or being re-written to conquer and manipulate the minds and the focus of God’s people on this earth. Mostly, - it would seem, - with great success. Similarly the history of the church and missions in Africa is being ignored, distorted, belittled or denied.

Interview: Ismail Ahmed,founder and CEO of WorldRemit
06-30-2015 | 12:26:00
Africa Business Communities speaks with Ismail Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WorldRemit, the world’s leading online money transfer service

Odimbite Odimbite: Bagged Cash: Survival Instincts
06-30-2015 | 12:21:00
Businesses face cashflow challenges either at startup or expansion stage especially in businesses that are labour, technological or capital intensive and must bag the much needed cash.

Harriman Oyofo: Enduring Facts and Fallacies in Safety Management
06-26-2015 | 12:55:00
For a start, safety has to be managed as an integral part of the business for the benefits to become manifest. There must be management leadership to provide direction and resources, supervision, organization, communication and employee buy-in for things to work as planned.

Abraham Johan Meintjes: Optimizing Agriculture and Ethnobotany in Southern Africa
06-22-2015 | 10:37:00
The dire need of stable and reliable food production in Africa and beyond had been emphasized often to date. Plants as both food and medicine to the rural regions in Africa might deserve more attention.