MediaScience First in the World To Enter Programmatic Highway Advertising
03-31-2015 | 17:05:00
Digital marketing agency MediaScience is starting an outdoor campaign through programmatic buying. This makes the marketing agency the first in the world to buy highway advertising through programmatic

Current oil job cuts in Africa increase but new projects continue on the horizon
03-31-2015 | 14:14:08
The recent fall and volatile nature of the oil price has undeniably affected exploration and production companies on a global scale. Oil and gas companies are undoubtedly being forced to adjust the way in which they operate within all areas of business.

Equatorial Congo Airlines is continuing to expand its network
03-31-2015 | 14:00:37
Equatorial Congo Airlines is continuing to expand its network. After Libreville (beginning of February), the national airline of the Republic of the Congo has just launched a route between Brazzaville and Dakar via Bamako (end of March).

[Ghana] Ecobank launches ‘SME club’ to boost growth of small businesses
03-31-2015 | 12:40:41
Ecobank Ghana has launched ‘SME’ Club to offer preferential business support, products and services to its Small and Medium size Enterprise (SME) customers across the country.

[Ghana]Samsung refrigerators, freezers listed energy efficient
03-31-2015 | 12:29:19
Technology giant Samsung dominated Ghana Energy Commission’s recently-released list of energy efficient refrigerators and freezers on the Ghanaian market.

Emmanuel Nyame: Why Africa Needs More Entrepreneurs
03-31-2015 | 12:16:00
The idea of starting a business and owning a startup has sprung up in recent times within the African continent. Where entrepreneurs try to find solutions that would reduce poverty through social enterprise, some Africans are basically searching new ways to make lives easier through technology and other financial means.

Adedunmade Onibokun: Expropriation of Foreign Assets under Nigerian Law
03-31-2015 | 11:51:00
One major concern every foreign investor coming to invest in most African countries is burdened with is the (in)stability of government in the investment destination and the security of investments. Many times, investors have been short changed due to national policies that take away their wealth by the governments of the investment state. An example is what happened in Zimbabwe where every white-owned farm was expropriated by the government.

Peter McCann: Management = Subtract Before Adding
03-31-2015 | 11:28:00
I was asked recently about how to rejuvenate a business, and my advice was to subtract before adding. Businesses and governments grow organically, like the Nigerian coral reef, adding bits until eventually the accumulation is something new. Unlike the Nigerian coral reef, which is a creation of beauty, businesses and governments become bloated and ugly.

[Interview] Zimkhitha Mqutheni: MD, Ukhanyiso Communications, South Africa
03-26-2015 | 14:10:00
Zimkhitha Mqutheni is MD of Ukhanyiso Communications, Cape Town, South Africa. She also runs a Young Business Leaders Discussion Forum which brings together young entrepreneurs, the Western Cape Government, Transformation and BEE managers and financial institutions that fund small businesses to discuss the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs.

Glenn Davies: Hopeless Africa
03-26-2015 | 13:00:00
“Hopeless Africa” This was the bold heading of an article released in May of 2000 by ‘The Economist’. The letter told of “floods in Mozambique; threats of famine in Ethiopia (again); mass murder in Uganda; the implosion of Sierra Leone; and a string of wars across the continent.” It went on to say that the new millennium has brought more disaster than hope to Africa.