[Nigeria] Briscoeford Partners Vip Express Tourism Limited & Nowahala Tours On Promo
04-27-2015 | 14:34:50
Good times are here again for auto lovers in Nigeria as BriscoeFord in partnership with VIP Express Tourism Limited & Nowahala Tours embarks on an innovative promo which is set to raise the stake in automobile marketing in the country.

ICT skills set to develop with new MOU in Kenya
04-27-2015 | 14:10:00
The ICT Authority and Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will, among other things, see Microsoft offer support in providing a platform that will enable ICT skills training for up to 300 000 teachers.

Standard Bank partners with South Korean Woori Bank
04-27-2015 | 13:50:00
Standard Bank today signed a Business Cooperation Agreement (BCA) with Woori Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in South Korea, aimed at capturing more banking business from Korean companies operating or investing in Africa.

Touton Group Arrives In Ghana To Invests In Chocolate Processing
04-27-2015 | 13:17:00
Touton, one of the world’s largest cocoa trading companies, has made its gallant entry into the West African country of Ghana, in what can be marked as a historic move and the first of its kind for the French company and for Ghana.

Tigo launches bid to become biggest 4G network in Tanzania
04-27-2015 | 13:11:54
TIGO Tanzania has launched a brand new 4G LTE technology that will make it the biggest and fastest Internet network in the country.

How Africa Can Attract Foreign and Local Investment For its Power Projects
04-27-2015 | 11:26:51
"Investing in the power sector in Africa can be very lucrative and we have the success stories to prove it", says Evan Schiff, event director of African Utility Week, taking place in Cape Town from 12-14 May

PwC and Strategy& map the road ahead for power sector transformation
04-22-2015 | 12:54:00
A new report from PwC and Strategy& warns that the Power Sector is transforming fast and companies that don’t stay ahead of change are in danger.

[Startup Interview] South African Women set to effect Personal & Life Transformation. Meet Deirdre Bartlett and Carina Ghionzoli, founders of WithIntent Ltd.
04-21-2015 | 13:02:00
Between them, they have a library of experience and expertise in recruitment, individual behaviour, operations and management. Deirdre and Carina founded WithIntent Lt.d in 2015. ABC brings this interview with them:

Glenn Davies: Disrupting Africa
04-21-2015 | 12:46:00
I think it’s fair to say that the landscape for technology and innovation is undergoing huge change. The ‘tech’ industry as we know it is transforming and moving at speeds like no other. And any industry that is moving with it is doing so with the help of disruptive technologies being developed in the IT space.

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Waking up the Nigerian Employee
04-21-2015 | 12:37:00
The expression “employee engagement” has been used so many times that some people are beginning to think that it is gradually losing its meaning. To human resource practitioners, it is a key expression considering the fast-moving nature of the job world.